Scott’s Homecoming

I recently had the privilege of photographing a very special couple being reunited for the first time in thirteen months!  Their love story is such a special one.  Scott and Sarah met in March 2012 during a last minute Spring Break trip that Sarah took to visit her brother and nephew in Fort Polk, Louisiana.  On Sarah’s last evening in town, Sarah’s brother Adam invited his friend and neighbor, Scott to join them at a local park. Adam and Scott met during a deployment to Iraq in 2009. Scott had always known Adam had a sister and he playfully requested that he have an opportunity to take Sarah out on a date while she was in town. Being a protective big brother, Adam decided it would be best if they all met up as a group. As soon as Sarah and Scott were introduced, there was instant attraction. Unfortunately, Scott had just received orders for Germany and Sarah was moving to Hawaii in a few months. They only spent 30 minutes at the park, but Sarah knew deep down she would see him again.

Scott and Sarah continued to talk every day after she left Louisiana. Prior to Scott leaving for Germany, he flew out to Hawaii to spend a couple of weeks getting to know Sarah better. Soon after Scott left, they both realized how much they loved each other. A month after he left, he flew Sarah out to Maryland to meet his family. Once Sarah moved back to her hometown of San Diego, Scott flew there from Germany to meet her family. From there, they said their goodbyes for a long 13 months while Scott finished his tour in Germany, including 8 months in Afghanistan.

The past 13 months were extremely challenging for both Scott and Sarah. However, their love, faith, and friendship got them through each day. It was at the end of these thirteen months that I had the privilege of photographing their anxiously awaited homecoming.  Unlike a traditional homecoming, Scott actually landed a couple days earlier than expected, so I instead photographed Sarah flying to BWI from San Diego.  In a way, I felt it was more special as the two of them were able to spend some intimate moments together without anyone else vying for Scott’s attention.

I, along with my friend Lisa, met Scott at BWI looking as excited and nervous as possible.  We then waited for what seemed like an eternity as Sarah’s flight continuously got delayed 🙁 Poor Scott must have checked the flight monitors at least twenty times!

Frederick Maryland Wedding Photographer-1Frederick Maryland Wedding Photographer-3 Frederick Maryland Wedding Photographer-2She’s landed!

Frederick Maryland Wedding Photographer-4 Frederick Maryland Wedding Photographer-5The wait was all worth it in the end as they finally saw each other for the first time in 13 months!

Frederick Maryland Wedding Photographer-6Frederick Maryland Wedding Photographer-7 Frederick Maryland Wedding Photographer-8Frederick Maryland Wedding Photographer-9 Frederick Maryland Wedding Photographer-10 Frederick Maryland Wedding Photographer-11Frederick Maryland Wedding Photographer-12 Frederick Maryland Wedding Photographer-13Frederick Maryland Wedding Photographer-14 Frederick Maryland Wedding Photographer-15Frederick Maryland Wedding Photographer-16 Frederick Maryland Wedding Photographer-17 Frederick Maryland Wedding Photographer-18Frederick Maryland Wedding Photographer-20Frederick Maryland Wedding Photographer-19 Frederick Maryland Wedding Photographer-21After Sarah got her luggage we took a few minutes to grab pictures of the two of them together.  They were so excited to be together that no posing was even necessary 🙂

Frederick Maryland Wedding Photographer-22Frederick Maryland Wedding Photographer-23 Frederick Maryland Wedding Photographer-24

Awe, what a couple of cuties 🙂

Frederick Maryland Wedding Photographer-25Frederick Maryland Wedding Photographer-26 Frederick Maryland Wedding Photographer-27Frederick Maryland Wedding Photographer-28

Frederick Maryland Wedding Photographer-29 Frederick Maryland Wedding Photographer-30Love this shot that Lisa grabbed.

Frederick Maryland Wedding Photographer-31 Frederick Maryland Wedding Photographer-32 Frederick Maryland Wedding Photographer-33IMG_0639 Frederick Maryland Wedding Photographer-34

After being reunited, Sarah spent a week with Scott’s family in Maryland and then they took a fun cross-country road trip to California where Scott will be stationed at Fort Irwin. After 2 years of being thousands of miles apart, nearly one dozen flights, and way too many hours on Skype, they are thrilled to be living in the same state.

Just a few days after returning home, Scott proposed to Sarah on August 7, 2014 at Fort Irwin, California!  Needless to say, she said yes!

Scott and Sarah thank you for letting me be a part of such a special moment in your lives!  It was a privilege getting to know you both and I thank you Scott and Sarah for your sacrifice for our country.

  1. Eva Contreras

    August 14th, 2014 at 3:32 pm

    Oh my goodness another answered prayer. This one brought me to tears. I have been praying for this little angel for a long long time. She has blessed me beyond measure! She’s not only gorgeous, she has a heart of gold. Whatever ring she wears will never measure up to the diamond this young lady is. Scott my sweetie, I’ve never met you, but I have been praying for you because I knew when she knew. She glows when she speaks of you. I am beside myself with excitement for the blessings that will be showered upon you both for finding, loving, waiting, loving, reuniting and loving each other forever more. Love you both, Eva C

  2. Dr. Helen Griffith

    August 14th, 2014 at 6:12 pm

    God has brought you two together to make Him smile through your love. Cherish each other forever! I love you both.

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