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Ostertag Vistas Wedding Frankie & Kendra

Frankie and Kendra are a couple whose love for each other shows in every aspect of their lives. Whenever they are together they are constantly laughing, hugging, stealing glances at each other, and just being all around adorable. When they’re apart, just mention the name of their significant other and their eyes light up. I have known Frankie since 4th grade and Kendra for a couple years now, and I firmly believe that God orchestrated their relationship because it is so true and beautiful.  Their wedding day was filled with laughter, tears of joy, and confessions of love and I know that they are a couple who will last.  I’m so happy for these two and so privileged that I got to photograph not only their wedding day but also Frankie’s proposal!  Their Ostertag Vistas wedding was beautiful and they couldn’t have asked for a prettier day (although a little less wind would have been nice!)


This little flower girl took her job of giving Frankie’s gift to Kendra very seriously. She waited patiently at the top of the stairs for ten minutes until Kendra had her dress on; so adorable!
ostertag-vistas-wedding-3 ostertag-vistas-wedding-3-of-40 ostertag-vistas-wedding-4-of-40 ostertag-vistas-wedding-5-of-40ostertag-vistas-wedding-6-of-40ostertag-vistas-wedding-7-of-40ostertag-vistas-wedding-11-of-40ostertag-vistas-wedding-9-of-40ostertag-vistas-wedding-10-of-40 ostertag-vistas-wedding-8-of-40ostertag-vistas-wedding-4ostertag-vistas-wedding-12-of-40ostertag-vistas-wedding-14-of-40ostertag-vistas-wedding-13-of-40 ostertag-vistas-wedding-15-of-40

Right before the ceremony, Frankie and Kendra met to pray together.  It’s moments like these that make being a wedding photographer such an incredible job and responsibility. I love the tenderness that you can see between Frankie and Kendra. ostertag-vistas-wedding-16-of-40ostertag-vistas-wedding-18-of-40ostertag-vistas-wedding-17-of-40ostertag-vistas-wedding-5 ostertag-vistas-wedding-19-of-40 ostertag-vistas-wedding-20-of-40ostertag-vistas-wedding-21-of-40 ostertag-vistas-wedding-6 ostertag-vistas-wedding-7

Frankie and Kendra wanted a few minutes after the ceremony just to themselves. I love these candids I was able to capture of the two relishing in the moment of finally being husband and wife!ostertag-vistas-wedding-8ostertag-vistas-wedding-22-of-40ostertag-vistas-wedding-9 I normally don’t post family pictures, but this one cracks me up every time I see it! 🙂
ostertag-vistas-wedding-23-of-40ostertag-vistas-wedding-24-of-40 ostertag-vistas-wedding-26-of-40 ostertag-vistas-wedding-25-of-40ostertag-vistas-wedding-10ostertag-vistas-wedding-11ostertag-vistas-wedding-27-of-40 ostertag-vistas-wedding-28-of-40ostertag-vistas-wedding-12ostertag-vistas-wedding-29-of-40

These cute boxes contained some of the most delicious chocolate peanut butter truffles I’ve ever had, made by Kendra’s talented mother who also made their beautiful cake! 🙂ostertag-vistas-wedding-30-of-40 ostertag-vistas-wedding-13 ostertag-vistas-wedding-14 ostertag-vistas-wedding-31-of-40ostertag-vistas-wedding-32-of-40 ostertag-vistas-wedding-33-of-40 ostertag-vistas-wedding-37-of-40ostertag-vistas-wedding-38-of-40ostertag-vistas-wedding-16 ostertag-vistas-wedding-39-of-40 ostertag-vistas-wedding-35-of-40ostertag-vistas-wedding-34-of-40ostertag-vistas-wedding-15 ostertag-vistas-wedding-36-of-40ostertag-vistas-wedding-40-of-40

Ostertag Vistas Wedding
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