Downtown Frederick Engagement Shoot – David & Jessica

I’m starting to think that mother nature holds a grudge against some of my couples. On multiple occasions I’ve rescheduled an engagement shoot due to weather only to find their reschedule date also has bad weather! (Particularly poor Kelsey & Tyler who rescheduled four times and still had rain (and a rainbow!) on their engagement shoot!)  Jessica and David have apparently gotten on mother nature’s bad side.  We had hoped to do their photoshoot a few weeks earlier in downtown Gettysburg but heavy rain forced us to reschedule.  On our reschedule date the weather predicted a 70% chance of thunderstorms in Gettysburg but a 0% chance of rain in Frederick until 7pm, so Jess and David decided to be flexible and do a Downtown Frederick engagement shoot instead.  We all know the weather channel is 100% accurate so we were shocked when come 5pm the skies darkened, the wind picked up, and rain started pouring from the skies.  We had to cut our shoot short but I am thrilled with the pictures we got!  Jessica and David had never been to Downtown Frederick before so I decided to show them some of the highlights and I’m looking forward to the second half of their engagement shoot this spring.  Hopefully mother nature will cooperate this time!

downtown-frederick-engagement-shoot-1 downtown-frederick-engagement-shoot downtown-frederick-engagement-shoot-5-of-25downtown-frederick-engagement-shoot-2downtown-frederick-engagement-shoot-3downtown-frederick-engagement-shoot-10-of-25 downtown-frederick-engagement-shoot-11-of-25 downtown-frederick-engagement-shoot-12-of-25 downtown-frederick-engagement-shoot-15-of-25downtown-frederick-engagement-shoot-13-of-25downtown-frederick-engagement-shoot-14-of-25 downtown-frederick-engagement-shoot-16-of-25 downtown-frederick-engagement-shoot-17-of-25 downtown-frederick-engagement-shoot-18-of-25

Cellar Door shout out: Brent and I both agree that they have the best burgers in Frederick.  My talented friend Amy designed their Sweet & Sassy burger and it is amaaaazing.  Order it with their sweet potato fries and you will not be disappointed.   End advertisement.
downtown-frederick-engagement-shoot-19-of-25 downtown-frederick-engagement-shoot-20-of-25

Lovin the photobomb 😉
downtown-frederick-engagement-shoot-21-of-25 downtown-frederick-engagement-shoot-22-of-25

At this point in our photoshoot the skies started to very quickly darken and I started to doubt’s prediction.downtown-frederick-engagement-shoot-23-of-25

Hurrying as the rain starts to drop.  Surely the weather channel couldn’t be wrong!downtown-frederick-engagement-shoot-25-of-25Within minutes the sky was dark and we took cover on Church Street.  As disappointed as I was that we had to stop mid-shoot, the dramatic sky in this shot almost made it worth it!downtown-frederick-engagement-shoot-24-of-25

Thank you for being good sports Jessica and David! I hope you enjoyed your Downtown Frederick engagement shoot as much as I did! I’m looking forward to your second engagement shoot and to your gunpowder and lace wedding this summer!

  1. Nancy

    November 29th, 2016 at 8:09 pm

    Love them all!!! Specially that last one at the church with the dark skies!! 🙂 Great photos, great people!

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