Franciscan Monastery Engagement Shoot - Amy & Marc -

Franciscan Monastery Engagement Shoot – Amy & Marc

If this Franciscan Monastery engagement shoot proved anything it’s that Amy and Marc are able to remain positive despite serious crazy shenanigans trying to ruin their day.  I met Amy a few summers ago through a mutual friend after Amy moved down from Pittsburgh and then we discovered we would be teaching at the same middle school that year.  We became fast friends through our shared love of all things history and Walking Dead and when Marc moved down to be closer to Amy we started wondering when that proposal would come.  It came a little later than we would have liked, but Marc planned a perfect day complete with a visit to Mount Vernon, Christmas shopping and Christmas light watching in Downtown Frederick, dinner at Volt, and a surprise proposal after, so I really can’t hold it against him.  After they got engaged Amy gave me the freedom to plan their engagement shoot so I spent a lot of time researching locations hoping to go someplace new that would also be meaningful to Amy and Marc. We first decided on a Meridian Hill Park engagement shoot for it’s gorgeous fountain and European flair. Amy studied abroad in Italy and has been to much of Europe so I thought that would be perfect for her. After that, we planned to continue our engagement shoot at the Franciscan Monastery because of its beautiful architecture, history, and gorgeous outdoor garden.

The plan was set, the permits acquired, and the morning started off bright and very early as we met in Urbana to carpool down to DC. Everything seemed to be going swimmingly until we arrived at Meridian Hill Park to discover a very dry, very not turned on fountain.  We were shocked.  It was 90 degrees outside, two days before May, and the freakin’ fountains were not turned on! We remained positive and realized that it was still beautiful without the water and so I started unpacking my equipment. In the two minutes that it took, an entire aerobics group showed up and positioned themselves RIGHT IN FRONT OF THE FOUNTAIN. They literally could not have picked a spot that was more in the way. We tried to work around them, heading to the steps instead. As soon as Amy and Marc got positioned on the steps, the aerobic class decided it was a fine time to start running the steps. I kid you not. We got a couple quick shots on the steps before we were overtaken by runners and we decided to head back to the initial spot we were hoping to photograph at. Amy and Marc were in position when our exercise buddies returned only to start running suicides right behind Amy and Marc.  At that point we could only shake our heads and laugh.  I felt terrible after picking this spot but Amy and Marc still loved the location and liked the story that went along with it.

I never post “before”pictures on my blog, but you’ve got to see this to believe it.  You can’t make this stuff up hahaha.

We left Meridian Hill Park to go to the Franciscan Monastery, only to arrive and discover a huge plant sale going on! The place was crawling with people. At that point I had started to despair and even sent Brent a text that the entire shoot was a disaster. Amy, however, remained positive and talked me into giving it a try. I’m glad she did because we managed to find one tiny corner of the monastery that was not overtaken by people trying to sell herbs and we captured some beautiful photographs.

Mad props to Marc for having an exceptionally excellent smile and for being able to hold said smile for very long periods of time. He’s going to do great on his wedding day!

Both Amy and Marc love sports and are big Penguins fans to the point they were willing to risk their lives by wearing Penguins jerseys in D.C. on the day of the first Penguins vs. Caps playoff game. Luckily we spent the majority of the time in a monastery so we figured they were pretty safe.

Thanks for being such troopers Amy and Marc and laughing through your whole shoot! I love you guys and am so happy for you two!

Fransiscan Monastery engagement shoot by Washington DC Wedding Photographer, Mary Sarah Photography

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Franciscan Monastery Engagement Shoot

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