A Gunpowder and Lace Lodges at Gettysburg Wedding

When Jessica and David told me they were thinking of going with a gunpowder and lace theme for their wedding the first venue I thought of was The Lodges at Gettysburg. I was so glad they chose it because I think it perfectly complimented their understated theme. Jess’s lace dress and beautiful hairpiece set the style, and I love that the bridal party wore fedoras once the reception started.  Jessica and David are both readers so she requested their rings be photographed on a couple books that were meaningful to them and she also requested a few more stylized images than we typically do. I loved her sparkly gunpowder and lace cake and the purple was a nice pop of color amid the gray hues. Overall it was a beautiful Lodges at Gettysburg Wedding and we had so much fun photographing it!

I feel like my groomsmen just get sillier every wedding 🙂 Putting our own spin on the Beatles’ Abbey Road crossing 🙂
This just makes me smile 🙂 David channeling his inner model 😉 At first glance this may look like just a cute carrying picture, but if you look more closely you’ll discover Jessica is only wearing one shoe. The reason is because her one shoe literally would not unzip. Trust me, I tried. Brent tried. David tried. Half the bridal party tried. Poor Jess was stuck wearing those shoes until the end of the night. As far as I know she’s likely still wearing it today…
I love the interior of the Lodges at Gettysburg, the high beamed ceilings are beautiful and I love that purple uplighting!
Still trying to get off that dang shoe. I had no idea there was going to be a smoke machine for the first dance, but dang if it doesn’t look amazing in the pictures! These next three images were a request from Jessica and I enjoyed pushing my style and doing something a little edgier than I typically do.  The Lodges At Gettysburg Wedding

The Lodges at Gettysburg Wedding Photography by Gettysburg Wedding Photographer, Mary Sarah Photography

Enjoy this Lodges at Gettysburg wedding photography provided by Mary Sarah Photography offering Maryland and Pennsylvania wedding photography.

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