Baking Engagement Shoot - Andrew & Kaitlin -

Baking Engagement Shoot – Andrew & Kaitlin

I’ve had some pretty amazing engagement shoots lately, but Kaitlin and Andrew’s wins the prize for the most fun! This fun couple invited me to their home where they baked pizza for their engagement shoot! Pizza!! They initially told me they were going to bake bread and I thought okay, that will be cute if a bit boring. So when I arrived and they told me they had changed their mind to pizza I did a happy dance! (Partially because I just hoped to snag a piece!) They are definitely a couple after my own heart. Their pizza was not only delicious, but they sent me home with half of it AND they’re having donuts instead of cake at their wedding. I think Brent wants to be their best friend! Andrew & Kaitlin were so cute as they laughed nonstop while cooking together. The only thing cuter may have been their hound dog Boomer, who spent the entire shoot chasing the light reflecting off my camera! I loved how personal this engagement shoot was and couldn’t have been more excited about the beautiful winter sunset we found when we walked to a nearby park for a few outdoor shots. Thank you so much Andrew and Kaitlin for such a fun shoot (and the delicious pizza)! I seriously cannot wait for your wedding!!!baking engagement shoot gaithersburg md

Andrew and Kaitlin amazed me by making the entire pizza from scratch; even the dough! After the dough was complete, I felt like I was in a cooking show when Andrew pulled out a bowl of dough they made the day before so it had time to rise. These two impress me more and more! 

The finished masterpiece!

I love all of the pet photobombs in these next images 🙂

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