Your love story is beautiful. It is unique. It is perfect because it is YOURS. There is no other love story quite like yours and so there will be no other wedding day quite like your day. Mary Sarah Photography recognizes that, and we desire to tell your wedding story in a way that authentically reflects the love you share as a couple. By creating imagery that is authentic, timeless, and vibrant we will capture the most precious moments of your life and transform them into memories that will last for generations. These memories will be preserved in a gorgeous, handcrafted album that will forever tell the story of the day you and your spouse vowed to spend the rest of your life together. Fifty years from now, your children and your children’s children will love sitting with you on the couch, slowly turning each page of your album, and admiring your most precious family heirloom. 




With every wedding I attend, I find myself captivated by the small moments that often go unseen by most guests. I love catching a glimpse of a father’s tear as he walks his daughter up the aisle, the way the groom protectively places his hand on the small of his new bride’s back, and the embrace exchanged between mother and son as she accepts that she is no longer “the woman” in her son’s life. When I capture these moments on film, it takes a fleeting memory and transforms it into immortality.  As your photographer, I will not be photographing an event but rather capturing the beauty that is only found in your unique love story. I will do so in a way that is authentic, timeless, and vibrant yet still intimate and unobtrusive so that I can provide you with timeless works of art that will be your first family heirloom as husband and wife!  Keep reading  to learn more about what it's like to be a part of the Mary Sarah Wedding Experience .








the process




Photographing weddings is one of my greatest passions in life. I love having the opportunity to meet amazing couples and photograph their wedding days in a way that perfectly tells their incredible love story. A wedding is so much more than just a ceremony and a party, it is a momentous occasion filled with laughter, tears, and incredible joy. 

Welcome bride to be! Brent and I got married eight years ago and I still remember how exciting this time of your life is! Being engaged will be one of the most amazing seasons in your life. It starts from the moment you make the life-changing decision to say "yes!" to the day you say "I do!" It's an exciting time filled with countdowns, cake tastings, parties, and crazy amounts of love. It's a season that deserves to be photographed and memorialized forever. 


As your wedding photographer, my goal is also to tell your love story through authentic, timeless, stunning photography. get to know the two of you as a couple; how you met, how he proposed, and what funny quirks are a part of your relationship. I want to become a trusted friend so that on the day of your wedding the last thing on your mind is whether I'm getting the pictures you want.
Getting to know each other starts on the "first date." I always meet with my couples someplace relaxed - coffee, fro yo, wine - your pick, my treat! During this time I'll bring sample wedding albums and talk about my approach to wedding photography. More importantly, we'll get to know each other to make sure we're a good fit! On your wedding day, you'll be spending more time with me than even your future spouse so it's important to make sure that you're totally comfortable with me.

Step 1



Once you decide that I'm "the one" it's time to book!
A signed contract and 25% retainer fee reserves your wedding date. Now, let the wedding talk begin! It's time to start planning your engagement shoot. We will also talk about the best timing for your ceremony and whether you will be doing a first glance - something I ALWAYS recommend!

Step 2



I love engagement shoots! If you're nervous at all, don't be! It's totally natural to feel a little uncomfortable in front of the camera at first, but I promise that after a few minutes you guys will be pros.  Not only will you get amazing pictures, but it will also alleviate much of the stress of a wedding day. During a shoot we get to know each other better and I gain an understanding of how you interact together, which "side" you prefer, what makes you laugh, and any fun inside jokes you may have! After an engagement shoot, I find my couples are more natural with posing and are able to relax and trust us on the big day.

Step 3

the engagement shoot


There is nothing more important to guarantee a wedding runs smoothly than a thoughtful, well-organized timeline. In the months leading up to your wedding day, we will discuss ceremony and reception times. Then, two months prior I will send you a timeline and family portrait questionnaire to fill out. From there, I will put together a tentative timeline and we will have a web conference or phone date to talk through it and guarantee all of the important moments and people will be documented.

Step 4

the timeline


"Going to the chapel and we're going to get married..."
After months of planning and years of dreaming your big day has finally arrived! Take a deep breath, relax, and try your best to live in the moment because this day is going to fly! I will arrive at our agreed upon time and before you know it, you will be walking down that aisle!

Step 5

the wedding 


The day after your wedding, I will share one of my favorite images on social media as well as a few more over the course of the next week. Two weeks after your wedding day, I will blog over fifty of your images and you will receive the remainder of your wedding images in a personalized web gallery a few short weeks later.

Step 6

the images


At Mary Sarah Photography, we value the importance of an album so much that every single collection comes with an album!  Once you receive your images, the fun part begins and it's time to pick your faves for your album! After you create your favorite list, we will design your album and send the preview to you for your approval. This is YOUR album so you are welcome to as many album revisions as you like. Two weeks after I receive your final approval, you will hold in your hands a gorgeous, handcrafted album; your first family heirloom! 

Step 7

the album


love notes

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"From our engagement shoot to our wedding day to receiving our album afterwards, Mary Sarah went above and beyond in every way. She balances professionalism with friendliness that makes you feel comfortable in front of the camera. She was so thoughtful at every point in the process, and makes the wedding day run so smoothly with her detail-oriented schedule/photo timeline. Her photography skills are unparalleled and she gave us beautiful photos we will enjoy looking back on for a lifetime. We could not have asked for more in a wedding photographer. Definitely, 100% go with her for your big day and thank you Mary Sarah!!

"Her photography skills are unparalleled and she gave us beautiful photos we will enjoy looking back on for a lifetime."

love notes

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"All I can say is WOW . Our photos from our engagement & wedding were absolutely stunning and we cannot thank Mary Sarah and Brent enough for capturing our special day. My wedding planner had showed us many options for a photographer and once we saw Mary Sarah’s wedding photos we were so in love. They are seriously the best people to work with very passionate, hardworking , and some of the most big-hearted people ever. We definitely have not regretted choosing them and I know you won’t either!" 

"They are seriously the best people to work with very passionate, hardworking, and some of the most big-hearted people ever."

love notes

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"Before I even got engaged I knew I wanted Mary Sarah to take my pictures! She's amazing! She knows how to truly capture your love story so perfectly. She also cares about what kind of pictures you want as a bride and is so flexible when working with you. It rained our entire wedding day and Mary Sarah was able to capture the most beautiful pictures including a night shot of us kissing in the rain! She made our dreary wedding day come to life. If you're thinking of booking with someone else you will truly miss out on an amazingly talented photographer! Her customer service was outstanding and she really cares about getting to know her couples. Book with her and you won't have to worry about a thing! Thanks for all you did for us Mary Sarah!!!!!"

"Before I even got engaged I knew I wanted Mary Sarah to take my pictures!"

love notes

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"Mary Sarah and her husband Brent were absolutely amazing to work with. From the very beginning we fell in love with her photography. From our engagement shoot to our wedding she was absolutely amazing and very flexible to work with. We weren't really sure what type of pictures we wanted for everything, so she recommended some pictures and they turned out amazing. Her husband went with the guys before the ceremony and got some amazing shots while Mary Sarah stayed with the girls while we were getting ready. I would definitely recommend Mary Sarah Photography to anyone planning a wedding!"

"Mary Sarah and her husband Brent were absolutely amazing to work with."

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"Mary Sarah and her husband Brent were an absolute pleasure to work with. Mary Sarah was able to make sure we got every photo we wanted despite tight time constraints and was completely organized throughout the day. Mary Sarah and Brent made us feel so comfortable and not awkward at all. They told us exactly what to do and the pictures turned out absolutely amazing. My husband and his groomsmen also LOVED working with Brent. He made them feel very comfortable and took stunning photos. Mary Sarah was such a blessing to my husband and I. We have amazing photographs of our wedding day and Mary Sarah ensured that our day went flawlessly. I highly recommend Mary Sarah Photography to any future brides!"

"Mary Sarah was such a blessing to my husband and I. We have amazing photographs of our wedding day and Mary Sarah ensured that our day went flawlessly."

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"Mary Sarah was the first vendor we hired during our wedding-planning process. We felt we had an instant connection not only to her, but also to her photography, which was absolutely beautiful. And, in the end, the photos she took of us truly lived up to the beauty standards her example photos had set. Not only were the photos beautiful, but she made them so easy to take; I'm a pretty "type A" kind of person, and Mary Sarah definitely understood that, ensuring we were working to a well-defined schedule (which she worked with us to put together), capturing all of the details and people that were important to us, and making sure the whole process was easy and calm. All in all, a fabulous photographer who provided a fabulous experience. Highly recommended."

"We felt we had an instant connection not only to her, but also to her photography, which was absolutely beautiful."


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the story of your wedding day is one you will be telling for the rest of your life. enjoy peace of mind knowing that we will be there every step of the way making sure your day runs smoothly and photographing even the most INTIMATE moments through authentic, timeless, and vibrant imagery. 

We individually retouch every image and you will receive the full resolution digital files to do whatever you want with. However, we value the power of print, and so it is important to us that you get more than just digital files. At the end of your experience, we want to leave you with something real to preserve your most precious memories. That’s why every couple we work with receives a gorgeous, custom designed, handcrafted Legacy Album to serve as a family heirloom for future generations. 

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