Glen Ellen Farm Wedding Pictures -

Glen Ellen Farm Wedding Pictures

They say rain on your wedding day is good luck. But hurricanes? Not so much! As soon as I heard a potential hurricane was predicted for Taylar’s wedding, I called her up immediately and we discussed contingency plans for her Glen Ellen Farm wedding pictures in case the worst did happen. She was doing her best to be hopeful, but with just three days to go before her wedding her prospects didn’t look great. Then, a miracle happened! Not only did the hurricane’s path change, but we had not a single drop of rain on her wedding day!! The day was mostly overcast, but after the ceremony we got a little bit of sunshine and some of the most gorgeous wedding sunset pictures I’ve had the opportunity to take! Apparently, Taylar and Johnny are one lucky couple!

Johnny and Taylar went to High School together but didn’t meet until after graduating when we worked at a “hole in the wall” pizza joint.  Almost instantly there were sparks, but the two stubbornly denied their feelings for each other despite all their coworker’s teasing!  About a year after working together, Johnny decided that it was finally time he asked Taylar out on a date.  After consulting with Taylar’s best friend on the perfect date location, he asked her to join him in Baltimore for dinner in the Inner Harbor.  Taylar agreed, but remained stubborn and refused to admit that she liked Johnny since she had denied it for roughly a year! As they hung out, she made it known to everyone that they were “just friends” despite spending almost every evening together for months.  Finally, just as she got the courage to tell Johnny that she did indeed like him, he started playing hard to get by pulling the “we’re just friends card.” Despite this game going on for what seemed like forever, one thing was for sure; as they continued to spend time together that spark quickly turn into love!

8 years later, on a trip to Taylar’s home state of Colorado, with her year-old nephew on her hip, Johnny dropped to his knee in front of her Grandmother and sister and asked Taylar to be his wife! Taylar admits she had a feeling their time was coming but it was special regardless! Getting to share that special time with her family that she doesn’t see often was something Taylar will always cherish and she loves that Johnny picked a place that makes her so happy for such a milestone moment.  It’s hard to believe that on December 14th, 2018 these two will celebrate 10 years together! They are both excited to discover what new memories they make as they begin this new chapter of their lives together.

Glen Ellen Farm Wedding Pictures Glen Ellen Farm Wedding Pictures Purple invitation suiteGlen Ellen Farm Wedding Pictures ring shot

How gorgeous is Taylar’s train?? She had the lace train added to the dress and the result was stunning!

The girls over at Daisy’s Salon are so talented!
Glen Ellen Farm Wedding Pictures Getting Ready

First Looks, how I love thee.

Glen Ellen Farm Wedding Pictures First Look Glen Ellen Farm Wedding Pictures Couple Portraits Glen Ellen Farm Wedding Pictures Bridal Party Glen Ellen Farm Wedding Pictures Front PorchGlen Ellen Farm Wedding Pictures Bridal Party Glen Ellen Farm Wedding Pictures Ceremony

This is my first time ever seeing a dove ceremony and it was so beautiful! The little guys were so cute and they circled the ceremony spot for quite a few minutes after! Glen Ellen Farm Wedding Pictures Dove Ceremony Glen Ellen Farm Wedding Pictures Wildflowers Portraits

If you hold your wedding at Glen Ellen Farms and you’re wondering if you should do uplights, the answer is always YES! They dress the tent up beautifully and WOW Event Lighting always does a spectacular job! Glen Ellen Farm Wedding Pictures Reception Tent

As sunset approached, I kept hopefully looking at the sky, but as the minutes slipped past I finally had to tell Taylar and Johnny that it looked like we weren’t going to get much of a sunset after all.  They still wanted to take the time to get a few additional portraits anyway and I’m glad I did because just after I took this picture they pointed to the sky behind me and I saw…

The most gorgeous sunset ever!! I mean, seriously there is no photoshop here it was legitimately this beautiful.  Glen Ellen Farm Wedding Pictures Gorgeous Sunset PortraitsGlen Ellen Farm Wedding Pictures Reception Shoe Game

Towards the end of the night, Taylar and Johnny decided to take another quick break to explore Glen Ellen Farm’s barn ruins for some night portraits.  I always love romantic night shots, but thought it would be fun to do something a little more model-esque first. They totally rocked it!

Glen Ellen Farm Wedding Pictures Barn Ruins

Glen Ellen Farm Wedding Pictures Sparkler Exit

Congratulations again Taylar & Johnny! It has been such a pleasure getting to know you two this past year and I am so honored you chose me to tell your wedding story!


Glen Ellen Farm Wedding Pictures by Frederick MD Wedding Photographer, Mary Sarah Photography

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Glen Ellen Farm Wedding Pictures Gorgeous Sunset Bride and Groom Portrait
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