Jen & Vinod's Sugarloaf Engagement Shoot -

Jen & Vinod’s Sugarloaf Engagement Shoot

Jen and Vinod are just the absolute sweetest of couples. They compliment each other so well, were so warm and welcoming to me, one of the most polite couples I’ve ever met, and despite their nerves were willing to completely trust themselves in my hands. For their engagement shoot, I met up with them at Sugarloaf Winery where they treated me to a glass of wine while we chatted and got to know each other a bit better before I started photographing. While they were both a little nervous at first, the two of them quickly warmed up and by the end we were laughing and hugging. I think the real ice breaker came when I asked Vinod to whisper his favorite cereal in Jen’s ear and he responded with, “Pop tarts!” That resulted in a lively debate of whether there is such a cereal – a quick google search revealed that there is – and now I have to go out and buy a box and try it for myself haha.

Sugarloaf Winery Engagement Shoot These two are so cute together 🙂

Vinod is a graduate from Ole Miss, so Jen bought them these matching shirts to represent his pride and maybe serve as a bit of bribery to do the shoot with her 😉

Congratulations again you two! I so enjoyed getting to meet you both and wish you all the best with your destination wedding planning!!

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