Savannah the Leprechaun {St. Patrick's Day Newborn Shoot} -

Savannah the Leprechaun {St. Patrick’s Day Newborn Shoot}

My poor child. I must admit, a small part of me feels bad for Savannah.  She didn’t ask to be the firstborn of a photographer. If she had known she’d be subjected to multiple photoshoots for every season and holiday imaginable I’m sure she would have tried to get out of it.  Alas, she had no choice in the matter and I only have a few months where I can force her to “cooperate” for pictures before she can actually crawl/run away from me so I’m milking these next few months for all they’re worth!  In honor of St. Patty’s Day I present my adorable, chubby little leprechaun.  I don’t claim to be a child or newborn photographer, but these were so cute I had to share! A shout out to Brent who held her in place and tried to get her to smile even though he thinks these photoshoots are a form of cruel and unusual punishment.

My first idea was to have Savannah be our little leprechaun in her pot o’ gold at the end of a rainbow. Unfortunately, the dollar store was out of the chocolate gold coins I really wanted. Apparently to get anything for St. Patty’s day you have to go shopping in December. Go figure.

Savannah wasn’t thrilled with hanging out in her pot (and Brent wasn’t thrilled about holding her there) so we moved on to a boppy which made Savannah very happy.

Savannah recently discovered her hand and her favorite past-time is attempting to shove the entire thing in her mouth. She’s managed to gag herself on it a few times but that hasn’t stopped her yet! I must say this girl is persistent!  I purchased this hat at the dollar store a few years ago and it was one of my favorite finds. It may be a touch big for Savannah, but I think she rocked it just the same!

I promise this is her “I’m really enjoying this Mom!” face…

I wanted to cover her little smushy face in kisses for this shot but Brent told me he thought that would look creepy.  Men.  Now for my final and favorite image of the day: Savannah our little fightin’ Irish girl! (I will let you judge whether she was channeling her inner Irish spirit or threatening her mom if she didn’t stop.)

And there you have it! I hope you enjoyed and happy St. Patty’s Day from baby Savannah and the Raders!

St. Patricks Day Baby

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