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Harpers Ferry Engagement Pictures: Tyler & Michaela

Remember that March snowstorm that came out of nowhere and covered up all my daffodils turning them into a sad, droopy mess?  Yeah, that was the day we were supposed to take Michaela and Tyler’s Harpers Ferry engagement pictures. Needless to say we rescheduled, and honestly I did a little dance when it snowed because it gave me a solid excuse to avoid photographing in 30 degree weather which is never any fun. Our reschedule date was still pretty chilly and very gloomy and overcast but Tyler and Michaela made the best of it and with a little help from my off camera flash we were able to at least fake a little bit of a golden hour. Fair warning, this may be my last set of Harpers Ferry engagement pictures because upon arriving we discovered that parking is now $10 a vehicle (cash only mind you) and there is no longer any street parking! That’s just robbery! After literally scraping together the last few quarters, dimes, and nickels from our cars we managed to come up with the parking fee and I was more determined than ever to give these two a great engagement shoot.  Michaela and Tyler definitely rocked it and while I’m still a little miffed at Harpers Ferry for their parking fees, I gotta admit it really is a great location for engagement pictures.

Michaela, you are so pretty!

Tyler and Michaela were such naturals together. They got officially engaged just days before our photoshoot and I could tell how excited they are for this new chapter of their lives!

Gah! They’re so cute! I think this is my fave from the engagement shoot.

Somehow in my previous visits I had never noticed this amazing wall/rock slab/giant mountainside thing.  Tyler and Michaela love to frequent Harpers Ferry together and had discovered it in a previous visit, I’m so glad they pointed it out to me! 

Funny story, I totally forgot to photograph Michaela’s ring until we got back to the (very expensive) parking lot and I was packing up my equipment. I love that Michaela chose a sapphire instead of a diamond because of her distaste for the blood diamond industry. I wanted to capture her unique ring but it was completely dark out. Luckily, I always carry around a string of LED lights, so I stuck her ring on top of the trunk of my black camry, placed the lights behind it, and had Tyler hold my video light for me. It may have been a bit “MacGyvered” but I love the final outcome! 

Congrats again Tyler and Michaela on your recent engagement and your upcoming wedding in Wisconsin! I wish I could be there to photograph it! I wish you the happiest of marriages and hope you love your Harpers Ferry engagement pictures as much as I do 🙂

Harpers Ferry Engagement Shoot
  1. Hugh says:

    Those are absolutely fantastic pictures. Probably cause it’s my beautiful Grandaughter. Love You

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